Latino 247: Latino Reads #0 – Host Marie Elena Cortés

Latino 247: Latino Reads is proud to present Award Winning Author Marie Elena Cortés is an experienced and passionate motivational speaker with 15 years of experience. Marie Elena has been featured on TV and radio stations. Marie Elena has published three children’s books. Her latest book, Neglected by Two Countries, has received numerous awards at the International Latino Book Awards and the Books into Movies Award. In 2005, Cortés created a writing club titled Kids Write to Know where she has presented to over 100,000 students, parents, educators, and businesses at schools, libraries, churches, festivals, and conferences in across the USA and Mexico. Attendees enjoy Cortés storytelling, poetry and powerful presentations that invite her audiences to discover the power of thinking. Her messages are about success, personal growth, culture, education and how to live wisely the American Dream! Marie Elena is very proud of her newest project, TheLatino Reads Podcast, weekly videos interviewing authors and celebrities on items of interest to the LatinoCommunity. Get ready to get inspired….discover the POWER of THINKING on paper

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